Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some Actual Writing, By Me

Thanks to my friend Glenn at E!Online, I've been doing some writing on the side. Starting with the Super Bowl, I've made some Top Ten Movie lists for him, based on some sporting events for their new Athlebrity site.

First was a Top 10 Football Movies list, only most football movies suck, so I called FB movies that don't completely suck. THe top 3-4 ar actually pretty good. The rest are bad either as football or as movies or as both. Football movies -

THen I did 3 in a row around the NCAA BBall tournament. We started thinking about Top 10 basketball movies, but I said why not use the opportunity for the biggest college event to use the biggest college-showdown movies? I managed to do it with only 1 basketball, 1 football and no repeated sports. college movies

Next wasma Top 10 Hot Women Athletes, or something (they had just run Top 15 hot Football players and hot NBAers, so fair is fair). Again, I tried to hit as many different sports as possible, and use real athletes and come up with some off-beat one (in other words: absolutely no Anna Kornikova or Sharapova). girls -
My favorite is Lauren Fleshman, a runner, since its got some great YouTube links in it. - fleshman -

Finally, for the Final Four, a Top Ten Basketball movies, probably the most traditional on this list
I really like the Blue Chips one, since I made sure the Bobby Hurley reference made the final cut.