Tuesday, January 11, 2005

USC thoughts

So they just did a little video complilation of USC stories - Leinart
and hiring Tim Floyd.

First thought: what is that tape of Floyd going absulte ape shit
towards a ref? The clip they just showed shows him going
Pitt-next-to-the-burning-'Caravan' crazy trying to get to a ref. his
players are pulling his coat off him to hold him back. awesome.

Second: best Leinart tape by far is the one where, at home, from a
fieldlevel camera, he rolls left and throws an unseen touchdown - the
camera stays on him but you can tell the guy catches a touchdown
because, perfectly framed behind him as he follows through the song
girls spontaneously all throw their arms up and jiggle in unison at the
unseen TD. they fill screen, edge to edge. just a classic piece of

third: just read today a stat i can't believe i didn't know.
Leinart's first-ever pass was for a TD - the only college Qb in
history to do that. can that be true?

fourth: if *I* was Leinart, and i was coming back, I would do it with
a montage of that first-pass-TD clip and say, "Things started so great
here..." and then show his last snap, where he dropped the ball for a
safety and go: "but i can't leave like that."

fifth: just watched the Leinart announcement. for SC, i'm way more
pumped that the punter is back. THAT guy is a stud. i think i'd
rather watch SC develop the next QB with some veterans to help him
rather than rebuild the entire ship - line, Qb, recievers, TBs, even
punter - in 06.

sixth: what was with that background - Lexus is now the title sponsor
of SC football?

seventh: i think Cedric should send Matt a cut of his



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