Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Epiphany!

Today (Jan 12) is Epiphany. I wanted to mention it before it gets away, so you can remember to celebrate it, if you are so inclined in your faith, or at least to have one, which never hurts.

Today is the 12th day since Christmas (hence the song...), and supposedly the day the three wisemen got to Bethlehem (Western Christianity) or he was baptized in the River Jordan (Eastern Christians, although Eastern Christians apparently are on the Gregorian Calendar, so they'll be having their Epiphany on our Jan 19.). That overlap of calendars also means that today is, for Eastern Christians, Christmas Eve, so all you Eastern Christian Orthadox kids reading this - go to bed!

These events, depending o n which one you are celebrating, marked the revelation of Jesus as God, again, if you're so inclined.

More practically, its traditionally a Feast Day!! Hope you ate yourself stupid.

I know all this (or, rather, went and found out all this) because I bought a $1.99 pocket calendar at CVS a few weeks back to track workouts and apparently the pricing structure on this calendar is one cent per listed holiday. Below is the picture (30 minutes on the tread, 30 mins of Yoga, 3 sets of pulls - solid day).

So while I though maybe I was going to come to great realization about something today, it turns out that its 12 Drummer's Drumming (and for the Paul is Dead-on-Abby-Road hidden religious meaning of that song, check this out: http://www.cresourcei.org/cy12days.html). It also dovetails perfectly with my recent recommitment to learning impractical but interesting things.

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