Saturday, February 21, 2009

Must see and hear

Couple recommendations, one of which you can set on Netflix and take your time, the other of which comes on Monday, Feb 21.

First, Monday.

Last week CBS radio turned the lights off on the Adam Carolla show, a morning drive talk show out of LA. Adam, you may know, did 10 years as the Love Lines host with Dr. Drew, is the taller Man Show guy, along with a long list of projects in the comedy-central/jimmy kimmel world of comedy. I've been listening to his morning show for about 3 months or so and its routinely, effortlessly brilliant. He's genius-funny, and he is a consumate pro in the talk radio format. He does brilliant bits, he has tons of interesting guests and he does barrages of rifs off of news stories, Stern-style. Fantastic show. He also has no problem letting a genuine underlying intelligence shine through, which is the central thing missing from all bad radio.

So CBS spiked the show from its LA flagship (and affiliates Friday) to go Top 40. Whatever.

Well, Carolla has said he wil start broadcasting on his own Monday morning, on his dime. He won't have the foils he currently does (not having news chick Teresa, who is a legit comedy talent herself, will be tough), but he will have the freedom of the internet that radio does not allow.

I think he's such a creative powerhouse that it's inevitable that he's going to create something groundbreaking. Now, that might not be Monday. I'm certain he's gonna have to get his legs under him, including getting some sponsorship which he does not have. But Monday is the launch, and I think it will be worth hearing The First One when the show becomes a Big Deal.

Second - Mad Men.

Been meaning to put this out, but if you haven't plowed through the first season on DVD, then you're officially down another Seminal Show. THe second season has come and gone as well from AMC, but I can't speak for it because I haven't seen it. But Season 1 was a triumph. I'm not sure what categort it belongs in - Best Shows of the Decade, along with the Sopranos and The Wire? Or best Regular TV shows, along with The West Wing, Friday Night Lights and Real World Vegas? Well, its tone and delivery is solidly in the own-sweet-damn-time category of the HBO shows, as its brilliant-on-a-budget sets and music - all of which you'd have to expect from a show produced by AMC. But the writing is obviously a bit too confined by the 'regular' cable spot its on. THe show glows with sex, but its barren of onscreen hooking up. Of course, this is 1960, and that's the whole point - the world is suddenly drowning in sex as women show up to work, but neither side has any idea at all how to wink at it.
Still, this clearly ain't HBO.

So Monday listen in to Adam (i'd imagine he'll start streaming at 6am pac), and get Mad Men.

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