Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vasque Aether running shoes

If you arrive at this post looking for Vasque Velocity, then my fellow traveler, I was once like you.  So a quick post/review on the Vasque Aethers because I wish someone out there had made one like this before I bought mine.

Quick version: After 3 runs, great shoe.  Can't speak to whether the wire/dial system will hold up (plastic pieces that click make me nervous for durability) but out of the box they've been awesome.  If you're looking for a Vasque Velocity and can't find it, get these.

I spent 2 weeks trying to find someone out there with a pair of Vasque Velocity size 9.  Going back to 2003, I've had 3 straight pairs of the old model Velocity and loved them, and was willing to try the V2 if I could find it in the $80s, but I could not. (i tried on the Mindbender at the store and instantly hated it.  Not the same at all).

So I took a shot at the Aethers on sale because the specs appear to be built on the same chassis as the Velocity

And to my delight, they are.  They fit as well, possibly even a touch wider and therefore better in the toe.  They run the same and the wire/lacing system, so far, is miraculous.  You turn the dial until its snug and that's that.

So if you're surfing Google looking for a stray pair of the dearly departed Velocity, try the Aethers.  Love'em.

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