Sunday, December 21, 2008

Divided Wii fall

Today's blogpost will not happen because I got pulled into Wii tennis and then Wii fit with my nephew and niece (the tennis part ended when my niece, on a forehand smash, smashed HER niece - my daughter - with the controller, who had run over to her to play).

Later during Wii, J came back for more abuse, and hopped on the fit platform-thing to help on a couple games. that was fun.

So tomorrow, for sure, I'll address the picture below, which will be chapter 1 of my new Cool Jobs postings. And for missing today, I might go ahead and post Chp 2 as well, which is really, really good one.

And Wii fit results: my Wii age is 34, 2 better tan Reality Age, which is good enough for now. Still, gotta work on that.

and now.. Crazy Japanese video.

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