Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pray for the Angels, cuz they ain't got'em

One of the very earliest - possibly THE earliest - time that I remember distinctly thinking, "man, I gotta remember that line" was certainly before I was 10, and was in a movie about a kid in a euro-Enghlish-middle-ages village who bounces through time with a peter pan/robin hood-type friend. At some point, wanting lunch, the Peter Pan kid says, 'let's go get real food!' or whatever and he blinks or snaps his fingers or what have you and - bang - they timetravel from whatever dreary moment they are in to an Alp-top mountain meadow where a banquet is laid out of food from around the world, including - I'm pretty sure - fried chicken.

And the Pan-like guy, biting into a leg, says to his buddy, 'The chicken legs come with the skin still on and pray for the Angels, cuz they ain't got'em.'

That's all I remember about the movie (an after-school special-deal, maybe?). But it made an impression

I'm reminded of that line everyday this Christmas. Actually, almost twice a day and to be precise, nine times in the last fiv e days. Because we our in our fifth Day in Valdosta, and M's mom, Judy, is on her ninth or at least 9th creation of baking/confection/butter, sugar, flour and-they-ain't-got'em.

The roll, which is possibly partial, sugar comas being bad for memory:

1 - Red Velvet with white frosting and pecans. And son, if you don't like red velvet cake, you ain't ever had peas for dessert.
2 - Better-than-sex cake, a raunchy name for chocolate cake, 2 layers of carmel, cool-whip frosting and covered in Heath Bar sprinkles.
3 - Banana Creme pudding, which to the top of the swirl is a solid 15 inches.
4 - What M calls "chocolate cake," but is really 3 layers of yellow cake mortared together with and entombed in chocolate frosting.
5 - Pumpkin spice-something which tasted way better than pumpkin-anything ever should.
6 - Pound cake with walnuts
7- Blueberry Cobbler
8 - About four dozen cream cheese cookies
9 - Little chocolate cups - as inm about 20 of them - filled with frozen cream cheese and a cherry on top that were just... stupid.

And every morning waiting on the breakfast table: all the bacon you can carry in both arms.

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