Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Fridge Pack is his canvas

The series of pictures below are from a supermarket and a gas station in Valdosta, which is apparently home to a Coke delivery guy with artistic vision that is bold and grand, yet subtle and patient.

Observe, for instance, the splash of yellow that marks the snowman's scarf:

A closer inspection of the technique:

Before moving on, look again at the larger portrait - can you name the brand that makes gives the carrot-nose its distinctive orange glow?

Now, from the same conveience store, the Christmas Tree. Gorgeous, eh? TO be sure, a child could use Sprite for the blue-green pine boughs, but the leap to two brands of Fanta as ornaments begins to mark the artist. And who among the greats would think: "tree bark? Pibb!"

So much for minor works. Let's examine the artist in full bloom:

Let's take this image fully in:

- Two Christmas trees (again, with Pibb trunks, and each topped with a florish) flank a chimney, which holds a Christmas wreath in its center. Below is the Christmas hearth - the fire glows, its heart orange with green and blue hints at the top of its flames. The base is golden.

And are those Christmas presents wrapped up in front? Or just a stack of ignored Vault? In all great art there is mystery.

Finally, take a look at this last one, a fabled work even grander in scope and vision than the Chimney piece above, but - perhaps fittingly - captured only in the ghostly image of a 2005 cell phone camera.

Behold, from the Five Points Winn-Dixie, circa early November, the masterpiece that is "Go Dawgs!"

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