Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Jobs: Raising a Doctor, Part II

I drove out to Quitman, town about 300 yards long, the other night with Judy. Judy grew up in Quitman and lived there until her kids were grown and she got divorced. She re-booted her life with a 20 mile move to Valdosta. So she knows the town in and out.

First house drivng into town is positively soaking with Christmas lights, every sharp line traced in bulbs, the trees and bushes bound in color, the windows all alight.

"That man that lives there, he ran a pawn shop," she said. "He used to lend out all kinds of money, and go collect with a baseball bat."

She laughed. I laughed. Quitman is like that and I like those stories.

"His son is a cardiac surgeon now."

Fastball, fastball, hook. Don't feel bad kid, it worked on Babe Ruth, too.

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